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« Improvisation on the edge : notes from on and off stage »

05/10/2013 | Livres | Permalink

Dancer Ruth Zaporah has created Action Theater, a form influenced by Zen which explores physical improvisation and interaction.  “These tales invigorate and inspire like a cup of strong black coffee. Ruth weaves word spells so we suddenly are traveling with her back and forth between our wild imagination and this relative world, and to […]

« Coming from nothing : the sacred art of acting »

17/07/2013 | Livres | Permalink

 by Lee Worley CONTEMPLATIVE THEATRE AN OXYMORON ? To contemplate means to think deeply, to follow a thought, an image, or a life with attention and awareness. We associate the world contemplative with times that are quiet and reflective, detached from the clutter of ordinary living. Theatre, on the other hand may be designed to […]