« Coming from nothing : the sacred art of acting »

by Lee Worley


To contemplate means to think deeply, to follow a thought, an image, or a life with attention and awareness. We associate the world contemplative with times that are quiet and reflective, detached from the clutter of ordinary living. Theatre, on the other hand may be designed to disturb or shock. In using the word » contemplative » to describe the theatre training at Naropa University, i do not mean that the art we create should be peaceful, holy, or religious. Contemplation should disturb us from superficial living, engage us, shock us into thinking deeply with body and mind. Contemplation stirs us to consider ancient questions. What is sacred? What does it means to lead a contemplative life ? Answers to these questions must be personal. There is no one way to act or to be contemplative, but there is a need to think deeply about life. What is your connection to the universe ? Wy do you live ? What do you value? What can you contribute ? What is real ?…

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